2022 Lemonaid Health review: What to know

Cindy F. Cape

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Lemonaid Health describes itself as a nationwide, online doctor’s office. It provides services for an array of health conditions, including general, skin, and mental health.

This article explores Lemonaid and its benefits, customer reviews, and reputation. It also discusses how to use the service and answers some frequently asked questions.

Lemonaid Health is a telehealth company that helps people access doctors online.

It provides an extensive range of health services and treatments, including:

The company also provides services for those with erectile dysfunction and those looking for primary healthcare.

Some advantages and disadvantages of Lemonaid Health include:

Lemonaid Health may suit many people, including those who want to access digital healthcare regularly or receive healthcare services without visiting a doctor’s office.

However, the company’s website says it must follow strict guidelines on writing prescriptions, and some medical conditions will require in-person doctor visits before using Lemonaid’s services.

The service does not replace long-term healthcare as Lemonaid Health’s doctors do not treat every condition and do not write prescriptions for controlled substances. People with complex health issues should still visit a doctor in person regularly.

Some of the services Lemonaid Health can help with include:

The company offers some mental health services that mainly cover depression and anxiety.

In particular, it allows individuals ages 25–60 to talk with a doctor to access anti-depressant medications, such as:

The company cannot prescribe sedatives or benzodiazepines.

After a consultation, the doctor will decide whether the individual would most benefit from medication or in-person specialist consultation.

If the doctor recommends medication, they will prescribe a 1-month prescription. At the end of the month, they must have a follow-up consultation so the doctor can assess whether the medication is working correctly or whether they need to make some adjustments. If a person tolerates the drug well, the medical team can then prescribe a treatment course for 30, 60, or 90 days.

People should note that Lemonaid cannot help with all mental health conditions. The website instructs those experiencing suicidal thoughts and who need urgent care to speak with a doctor or consultant in person.

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) awards the company an A+ rating and a 3.92 customer review rating.

Less favorable customer reviews include billing difficulties, price increases, and denials of prescriptions.

Those who left a positive review say they found Lemonaid more cost-effective than using insurance and managed to secure their medications faster than via local pharmacies or clinics.

Trustpilot awards the company 2.6 stars out of 5, based on four reviews.

The company website advises that it does not work with insurance companies. Individuals must pay for their medications out-of-pocket before claiming reimbursement through their insurance plan.

Additionally, Lemonaid Health advises insurance companies will not typically cover the costs of its medical consultations. However, a person can speak with their insurer directly to confirm coverage.

Consultations typically cost $25 and cover both the evaluation and prescription.

Some services that require regular treatment come with a discount for the first month.

Approximate standard prices for some of Lemonaid’s services are as follows:

The company claims to have various safeguards to protect personal health information, which it lists on its privacy policy page.

The brand does not sell, rent, license, or trade personal information. It complies with national, state, and regional laws on safeguarding data. For example, California residents have rights under the California Privacy Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

The company pledges to only use medical records:

  • for treatment
  • to providing services
  • when complying with the individual’s instructions
  • as per the law
  • for disclosures for threats to health and safety
  • for public health reporting requirements

However, people should also ensure their information stays safe and private by following common internet security principles. According to the Health Resources & Services Administration (HSRA), these include:

  • only entering personal information on secure websites
  • avoiding using public wifi to access healthcare services
  • avoiding using telehealth services on public devices
  • never sharing data with providers or doctors that the individual does not recognize

Below, we look at how Lemonaid Health compares to alternative healthcare services.

A person can select the required medical service via the company website.

The process typically follows these steps:

  1. Individuals create an account and answer specific questions about their medical history, symptoms, current medication, and allergies.
  2. They then select a primary, in-state, or nearby pharmacy, should they want to collect their medications in person.
  3. People then arrange a doctor’s consultation.
  4. If the person needs treatment, the doctor writes a prescription, and the individual can decide how they want to receive their medication. Lemonaid can send it to their address or their pharmacy of choice.

The process may differ based on the condition or service. For example, those who pay for primary care may not pay anything else for medication aside from a monthly subscription.

Individuals who have consultations through Lemonaid Health will likely talk with a doctor to help determine a resolution for their health condition.

However, the company does not treat every condition, nor can it prescribe every medication.

As such, these services do not entirely replace visiting a doctor in person.

Here are some common questions about Lemonaid Health.

What states is Lemonaid available in?

Lemonaid is available in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Can I cancel Lemonaid Health?

The terms of use on Lemonaid’s website specify that individuals can cancel subscriptions or automatic refills anytime, as long as they request cancellation at least 48 hours before the renewal or refill processing date. Individuals can do so via the secure patient portal or by calling the patient support team.

Does Lemonaid Health take insurance?

No, Lemonaid Health does not accept insurance. In some cases, individuals can check their insurance plan for information on claiming back any out-of-pocket medication costs. However, the company says that insurance companies do not typically reimburse consultation costs.

Lemonaid Health is a telehealth company that can provide doctor consultations, prescriptions, and medications for different healthcare needs. However, Lemonaid cannot prescribe all medications and does not provide care for all health conditions.

Online health services should not fully replace in-person doctor care. Additionally, online healthcare cannot typically help with services such as emergency care or if someone requires comprehensive blood tests.


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