3 wild and futuristic technologies that the US military explored

Cindy F. Cape

New documents have exposed a bizarre and futuristic array of tech explored by a shadowy US government unit.

The ideas were investigated by the Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program (AAWSAP).

The unit was funded by the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and reportedly has roots in UFO research. 

The Pentagon claims the AAWSAP has been shut down but has provided little detail on its work — until now.

The new revelations emerged from almost 1,600 pages of reports, contracts, presentations, briefings, and memos that the DIA released to Motherboard. They show that the program wasn’t only interested in UFOs.

Motherboard has kindly shared the tranche of documents — which gave us a chance to dig into the most outlandish projects.

Invisibility cloaking