8 Best Web Hosting Software for 2022

Cindy F. Cape

What The Ascent looks for in a great web hosting software

As we take a look at different web hosting services, there are a few essential qualifications that each entry must meet to be considered one of our picks for the best. Not only should they have some key features (security and SSL, file storage, etc.), but they should also have strong showings in the following three categories.

Easy to use

Of course, you want every tool in your business arsenal to be relatively hassle-free, but that is especially true for your website host. As a small business, you likely won’t be doing too many crazy customizations on your server, so you don’t need anything super complex.

You also know that keeping your website up and running is paramount, so getting that basic function done should be as straightforward as possible.

Seamless integration

You will likely be migrating an already fully formed website that you created elsewhere onto this hosting service, so you will want the process to be as quick and painless as possible.

Migrating domains and syncing servers with content management systems may sound complicated, but the best hosting services take care of the migration for you in as little as one or two clicks.

Excellent uptime

What good is your website if it’s never up and running? Or if it crashes when web traffic increases?

The best hosting providers will have multiple physical servers in various locations and round-the-clock maintenance to ensure everything stays up and running as close to 100% of the time as possible, so your audience never encounters problems or obstacles when visiting your domain.

How your business can benefit from using web hosting software

Hosting your website through a reputable provider will not only be good for your site but also for your whole brand and company image as well.

Professional maintenance

Look, you’re probably not a developer, right? And you have enough going on that you need to take care of, so you don’t need the extra hassle of making sure your server is continuously configured, secure, and running. Let the professionals handle that for mere dollars a month.

Traffic insights

With data reporting and insights into your server usage, you can better understand your website traffic, how your reach is growing, busy times, most-visited pages, etc. This data can help you as you scale your site.

Data and site backups

Without worrying about losing previous site content or important data, you are granted rare peace of mind that even as your business updates and grows, you aren’t beholden to a possible mistake or a direction you don’t like.

Websites and traffic data take up a lot of space, too, but with it all managed remotely by your web host, you have less clutter in your own operations life.


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