A Guide to NODE JS

Cindy F. Cape

Technology has already seen an extreme advance. It has not only progressed in terms of development, but more and more young people are gaining various technology-based skills like web development, computer languages, software development, animation, web designing, cyber security, etc. People not belonging to the software domain now have the skills to build software and applications.

 Most people acquire these computer-based skills as an emanation of their fondness, but knowledge of these skills has also helped people in continuing as their side-hustles. One such course that is highly preferred by students and professionals nowadays is NODE JS.

What is NODE JS?

Node JS is very different from a programming language. It is a framework that provides an open-source framework that conditions a runtime environment for a program or an application. Ryan Dahl, back in 2009, developed this technology, which is used widely by developers. It provides a fast service resulting in a rise in the performance and efficiency of results needed. It significantly helps in increasing the development productivity of professionals. Node JS is written in JavaScript and it executes codes in the same language.

The unique technology of node JS has gained a lot of acceptance and approval from developers around the globe. It operates on platforms like Linux, Windows, and Unix. It is free to use and it is very efficient at managing different clients at the same time. After learning about this framework you can become a NODE JS developer, web developer, full-stack developer, Backend web developer, or NODE JS engineer.

Future with this course has a lot of potential as there is a high demand of developers who are fluent in developments with NODE JS. According to statistical reports, downloads for this framework have shown a significant increase. A lot of sites are using node JS. Computer jobs already have a gritty selection with so many available competitors, this can be your chance to stand out of the crowd and easily shine in the crowd.

  • Node JS is written in JavaScript. JavaScript is a very common language among developers; hence the chances of people being familiar with this language are high. That makes learning easy, convenient, and speedy.
  • It helps developers to improve functionality and features.
  • It helps in gaining advanced performance and finances.
  • It provides better scalability.
  • The developers in this field are earning decent salaries.
  • High market demand.

If you already are familiar with coding languages like JavaScript or HTML it will make the course easier for you to learn. Having CSS skills will also help you to understand the subject with lesser difficulties. Any other web development or application development will be of help. This course is mostly preferred by professionals who wish to hone their development skills. If you want to build a career in backend web application development, this course is a must for you.

If you are a novice and have zero knowledge of programming languages or coding, you can attend it too. It might be a little difficult but we’ll guide you through it. You can consider getting a decent knowledge of JavaScript because that would make the process easier for you. The course may last from 2 to 6 weeks. Learning the global variables will make learning node JS easy for you. You can also consider understanding the concept of the event loop. Practice as much as you can to write codes for nodes.

Node JS course at Zeolearn?

Zeolearn has been providing quality e-trainings to many firms and organizations that help them in gaining skills in their respective domains. With trainers and experienced tutors, they have achieved a higher success rate. The tutors are interactive. The needs of the students are considered very strictly.

The course on node JS by Zeolearn contains live sessions and more than 120 hours are devoted to cloud labs. They provide various events to enhance the training for students. The curriculum is designed by people with expertise in the field that provides precise knowledge about the subject. The experts understand the surge in demand for this particular training, as a result, their focus remains on imparting the right skills and knowledge about the subject.

Why is Zeolearn better than other e-learning platforms?

To enhance the learning, Zeolearn gives equal importance to theoretical lectures, hand-on exercises, and beneficial assignments. They also conduct group discussions to provide their students a chance to express their ideas. They simplify the concepts in an easy way to make understanding the concepts easier for students. Your skills will be sharpened by comprehending how to use theoretical knowledge in real life. 

They provide you with live projects to help you pick up the professional skills based on this course. Video lectures, e-books, tutorials provided will be sufficient to gain the needed skills for this course.

At Zeolearn you will be helped to create a portfolio of your projects and work. A portfolio increases the possibilities of employers hiring you. They also provide you projects to work on and later you will get reviews on your work by professionals in this field. You will be provided interactive sessions with them to discuss their experiences. Once you are enrolled for a course at Zeolearn, you get access to the video lectures and contents for a lifetime.

Zeolearn is educating people globally. Now you can learn from your home and gain the skills in demand while sipping your coffee in your favorite mug. To climb the cultural barriers when it comes to education, they provide multilingual trainers. Zeolearn has proven to be the best platform for tutoring many students from hundreds of countries. It focuses on making students organized.

There is enough competition among job seekers globally. This might be your chance to impress the companies with your supplementary skills. This skill is in high demand by professionals, so why not grab the opportunity to learn it from one of the best e-learning platforms? You are just one step away from becoming your firm’s invaluable asset.


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