Best free web hosting in 2022

Cindy F. Cape

When it comes to the best web hosting services, paid providers are always best. If you’re new to websites and hosting, and don’t have much of a budget, you’ll be looking to find any way to defer costs until you have a solid turnover. Some small business owners in this situation turn to the best free web hosting for their first site – or are tempted to.

Is free web hosting good?

If you’re struggling financially, the best free web hosting services can seem a convenient and simple solution. However, free web hosting isn’t as good as it appears to be

Free hosts are nowhere near as good as premium options. Generally, you’ll have to deal with security vulnerabilities, poor performance, and limited features. You may also face strict resource constraints, and you’ll be left to fix things yourself should anything goes wrong

With a strict budget, free hosting means dealing with tight limitations, like a lack of reliability, limited disk space, and slow speeds. Most free hosts aren’t actually free, with unusable hosting, lax or non-existent security and management tools, and extremely poor customer support and service. You’ll almost certainly run into problems with many “free” hosts after signing up.

It can be hard to find decent free web hosting, and if budget is an issue, our advice is to take a look at the best cheap web hosting. This way, you can save without the risks of free web hosting and its corner-cutting.

The 3 best web hosting services right now

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