Best Web Design Tools for Freelancers of 2022

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This list is about the Best Web Design Tools for Freelancers. We will try our best so that you understand this list Best Web Design Tools for Freelancers. I hope you like this list Best Web Design Tools for Freelancers. So lets begin:

About the Best Web Design Tools for Freelancers

Whether it’s because of the longer hours, the unfamiliar nature of the job, or the need to manage yourself, many people see freelance web design as one of the most desirable jobs out there. Of course, it can also simply be the most rewarding job on the market. With the right tools for every aspect of timekeeping, communication, and effective design, freelancers can make a real impact on their clients and transform the way they make a living. The website is a productive way to talk to customers, and visitors often judge the business or services based on the website. Therefore, a website plays an important role in improving the business.

In order to have a better website, one must have better web design software. Feature-rich software will help you create a feature-rich website. Web design software is easy to use. It provides a drag and drop feature and thus no coding knowledge is needed to design websites. You get professionally designed templates. You only need minimal knowledge to create beautiful designs with the right web design software. Few web design tools are capable of automating the entire process. Web designers create their own set of tools by combining different software. It is useful for creating websites for e-commerce, graphic designers, marketers, and HTML sites.

Check out the list of the best web design tools for freelancers


WordPress is a popular website building tool that allows you to create any type of website you can think of. It’s extremely flexible, meaning you have full control over the layout and functionality of your website. However, you will need to be proficient in coding to set up, use, and manage WordPress.

Extremely customizable design, features and functionalities. You get full access to WordPress codes so you can use and customize any pre-made theme and layout. And, with so many WordPress plugins and theme options, you can add any feature or functionality to your website whenever you want.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Dreamweaver is a fairly specific website builder due to its combination of code and WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) web design principles. Although it seems simple at first glance, its main target audience includes professional web designers, ideally those who already use other Adobe Creative Cloud tools.

Adobe DW lets you combine the best of both worlds to build responsive sites faster. It has a visual editor and a code editor, allowing you to use one of them or combine both. Whatever you do in the program’s WYSIWYG editor, it translates directly into code and vice versa. This saves you precious time and allows you to work on what you prefer.


The grid layout with predefined CSS elements and JavaScript components make it easy to be consistent across different browser versions and even different devices. Bootstrap is built to be instantly compatible with all screen sizes, so you don’t have to worry about which device the user is accessing your site from. However, if you prefer, you can disable Bootstrap’s responsiveness.

The documentation is complete, well-organized, and full of live examples and ready-to-use templates. Every component and every part of the framework is explained and covered in depth. If you don’t want to download the full Bootstrap framework. Custom Bootstrap builds can be created, including only the desired CSS, CSS, and JavaScript components. This can be done directly from the Bootstrap website by simply choosing which components to download.

square space

Squarespace has many features. The only website builder with a comparable number of features is Wix. Some website builders advertise features that they only “more or less” support. Not Square space. They have the best blogging, e-commerce, donations, podcasting, and more.

Squarespace is intuitive, curated, and thoughtfully designed. You’ll be fine with Squarespace if you’re comfortable with Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The interface is calm and never overwhelming. This is rare for website builders, as our Wix vs Squarespace example demonstrates.


Wix is ​​a website building tool that aims to allow people without coding skills to create their own website or online store. It is a ‘hosted’ solution, which means that it runs on its own servers (‘in the cloud’). So there’s no software to install anywhere, and you don’t have to buy any hosting.

So as long as you have a web browser and internet access, you can create, maintain, and promote a Wix website. There is a free version of the Wix Website Builder available that allows you to create a simple website. It also allows you to use all Wix-provided images, clipart, and icons, and add apps from the Wix App Market (more on this later).


Weebly is one of the largest website builders with over 50 million websites created. Unlike many competitors, Weebly has traditionally been more interested in improving its platform technology than running expensive marketing campaigns.

However, after Weebly was acquired by e-commerce company Square, we noticed a significantly slower rollout of new features (especially when Square and Weebly’s new store builder, Square Online, launched). In fact, until recently, Weebly hadn’t updated its product development blog in over two years.


Figma is a collaborative interface design tool and has become a go-to for our team when building modern, scalable products. The brand’s mission is to make design accessible to all, and that is evident in every aspect of its product. The app is an all-in-one solution for designing, prototyping, collaborating, and sharing experiences.

When it comes to making sure your work looks good, most software may not support vector graphics; With Figma, you can edit each layer and it will look sharp on any device. Plus, you can draw straight lines with your mouse – no more fiddling with your laptop’s guides or trying to get perfect ellipses with a little curve tool.


Canva is probably the most popular graphic design software online, with over 30 million users and a valuation of $6 billion. Canva is a complete design tool for anyone who is not an experienced designer. Most people see it as an image design tool, but it is so much more. You can design everything from printables to PDFs, invoices, flyers, infographics, and websites.

The free version suits freelancers who create 10-15 designs per month. You get access to over 100 design types, over 8,000 free templates, and thousands of free photos and graphics. The Enterprise plan is best suited for agencies and corporations with multiple team members. You get access to multiple brand kits, design workflows, and unlimited storage.


Webflow is a full-featured website builder whose mission is to “empower designers, creative professionals, and entrepreneurs to create for the web.” The company offers a variety of products designed to help people get started with a beautiful, fully customized website without sacrificing flexibility or forcing users to use pre-built templates. What technologies does Webflow use to increase page speed? static templates.

If you want to modify the code itself, know that you’ll get all the features included in CSS3 and HTML5, including box model support, 3D CSS transforms, custom transitions, floats, and flexboxes, and you can use the latest in typography, gradients, and DOM organization.


Mobirise is a free website builder that does things differently. It is an offline program, available as a free download. Since almost all other website builders follow the web-hosted SaaS model, it’s refreshing to see Mobirise use a different approach. But the fact that Mobirise is an offline program has its drawbacks, unlike Wix or Squarespace, hosting and domain are not included in the package, so you will need to find your own web host and domain.

There is an advantage to this arrangement, although you will be able to take your Mobirise website to a new host whenever you want. With many hosted website builders, you can’t take it with you. The fact that Mobirise’s available features are limited so many years into its life cycle is quite disheartening.

Final words: Best Web Design Tools for Freelancers

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Best Web Design Tools for Freelancers

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