BEWARE! This solar storm today can damage mobile phones, says NASA; protect your device THIS way

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NASA: The solar storm is set to hit Earth any moment today and there is a possibility that it can damage your phone, Internet and more. Find out how to protect your device

NASA: The massive solar storm is set to hit the Earth today and satellites are not the only electronic devices at risk. Yes, the solar storm today can also damage your mobile phone. This particular solar storm is stronger than usual and as such, it will have a greater impact on our planet. The solar storm was spotted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Tuesday, after a halo coronal mass ejection (CME) was hurled towards the Earth. According to the data, the solar storm has been categorized as a G2 class storm, which means it will bring moderate electromagnetic fields along with it. These fields can not only harm satellites and the wireless communication system on Earth, but also your smartphones. So, how can you protect your mobile phone? Read on to find out.

The Space Weather Prediction Center of NOAA tweeted yesterday highlighting the specifics around the solar storm. The tweet said, “WSA Enlil model suggests that a CME (associated with a C1 flare at 11/0521 UTC from now plage Region 2987) will likely impact Earth on 14 April. A G2 (Moderate) geomagnetic storm watch has been issued for 14 April, as well as a G1 (Minor) watch for 15 April”.

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NASA: Strong solar storm to hit the Earth soon

NASA has explained that a G2 level solar storm usually has moderate intensity and it does not cause severe damage like the G5 solar storm. However, it can potentially disrupt GPS signals, mobile networks, cause damage to sensitive instruments on satellites and more. Short radio frequencies like HF and VHF bands have been closed today due to the oncoming storm. But this is not the full extent of damage the solar storm can cause. In some cases, the electromagnetic fields can also interfere with transformers and power grids and can cause voltage fluctuations.

While voltage fluctuations are not a concern, it can affect your electronic devices including smartphones, if they are plugged into the power line. Charging a device during the fluctuations can short-circuit your smartphone’s motherboard and damage it significantly.

So, as the solar storm hits the Earth, do look out for any signs of voltage fluctuations. These can be observed by blinking of lights or slowing down of ceiling fans. If you notice it, immediately unplug any smartphones that are charging. Also unplug any other electronic devices that are connected to the electricity lines.

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