Caseco Launches 5 Card MagSafe Wallet Case for iPhone 13 Series

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TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / May 26, 2022 / Offering cutting-edge accessories for today’s smartphones, Caseco has released its newest and most awaited phone case line: the 5th Avenue Detachable Phone Wallet Case for the iPhone 13 Series.

Caseco, Thursday, May 26, 2022, Press release picture

Handcrafted + Vegan
Designed by a talented and handpicked artist from Canada, each 5th Avenue detachable wallet case, like the 5th Ave iPhone 13 Wallet Case, is of exceptional quality as they are proudly handcrafted in Canada as well. Made with environment-friendly materials, you can be sure that these vegan leather phone wallet cases are safe not just for you but also for Mother Nature.

5 Card Slots + Cash Pocket
Designed for Caseco, each 5th Ave 5 Slot Phone Wallet Case is engineered to last as a phone accessory that serves beyond its main purpose. For instance, the 5th Ave will let you carry and store your top necessities like your cards, cash, and iPhone13 Pro in one place for your ultimate convenience. This means saving time especially if you’re always on the go or when you’re traveling. You won’t have to worry about forgetting your essentials again.

Detachable + Magnetic Phone Case
If ever you’d want to charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max, you can simply detach the phone case part of the 5th Ave. Like other 5th Ave wallet cases for the iPhone 13 series, it has MagSafe and wireless charging functionality. This means you can easily charge your phone anytime with a MagSafe, wireless, or regular charger.

Superior Protection for Your Valuables
Most if not all mobile phone users get phone cases to protect their phones. Featuring special stitching for ultimate durability, each 5th Ave case for the iPhone 13 series will make sure you get your money’s worth and ensure that your iPhone 13 will not get damaged from daily drops and bumps. Even better, it’s water-resistant so your valuables will get added protection against rough weather.

Here’s even better news: it’s not just your iPhone 13 that will be protected, but also your valuable cards. After all, this leather phone case is built with RFID and EMF radiation shielding material to protect your card’s information from being stolen and deflect radiation while still allowing signals to and from your phone. This means you’ll never need to worry about thieves getting your personal or card information.

Hold the Stylish Future in the Palm of Your Hand
Soft, tactile, and available in different colors, each 5th Ave wallet case for the iPhone 13 series can boost your daily style and make your outfit pop. No matter what color you get, this detachable phone case wallet will give you accessorizing options to enhance your personal fashion.

Perfect Fit for Your Phone
Aside from the iPhone 13 series, this exciting new 5th Ave phone wallet case collection is now available for other models. Here is the full list:

· iPhone 13

· iPhone 13 Pro

· iPhone 13 Pro Max

· iPhone 12

· iPhone 12 Pro

· iPhone 12 Pro Max

· Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

· Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

· Samsung Galaxy S22

· Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

· Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

· Samsung Galaxy A13

· Samsung Galaxy A03s

Looking for the ultimate style, protection, and multi-functionality in one accessory? Make your life easier and readier for tomorrow with a 5th Ave 5 Slot Card Holder Detachable Wallet Case.

About Caseco
Founded in 2009,Caseco is a Toronto-based tech accessory brand with a passion for quality, people, innovation, and the environment. With over 20 years of experience, Caseco is the leader in sustainable manufacturing and packaging in a largely disposable industry. Through an eco-friendly and ethical production process, Caseco provides environment-friendly technology with the best lifetime warranty. With every purchase, Caseco also gives back to the community and the planet through partner charities.

The best part about the company is it listens to and involves its customers. Through its audience’s feedback, Caseco continuously develops and innovates its products under these brands – Caseco, Mighty Mount, Screen Patrol, and Rockstone Audio.

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