Missouri high school bans student cell phones, smartwatches

Cindy F. Cape

Starting Monday, students at a high school in central Missouri will be required to leave cell phones at home or check them into the office until dismissal.

Steelville High School Principal Steven Vetter notified parents Thursday of the change, which he described as permanent.

“Students will be asked to either not bring their phones to school or to check them into the office until the day is over,” he wrote in the letter posted on Facebook. “This would include smart watches that connect to their phones or any other electronic device they bring that connects to the internet.”

Vetter told the News-Leader that the devices have become too much of a distraction at the 300-student high school near Rolla.

He said the policy change was prompted by school officials who realized the connection between student discipline issues and cell phones. In the letter to parents, he listed the biggest concerns:


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