Revolutionary NFT’s: Ape Gorilla NFT Project

Cindy F. Cape

The Ape Gorilla Club NFT Project will launch with 11,337 NFT’s available to enter the Ape Gorilla family community. An NFT, or non-fungible token, is becoming a common means of economic exchange. Purchasing an Ape Gorilla will unlock a world of positivity that the team has built from the ground up. Ape Gorilla, a utility-driven NTF project, offers business/charity grants up to $100,000 in hopes of acting as a catalyst for positive change in the world.

The Ape Gorilla Club has also set up and invested three million dollars for the “Gorilla Fund,” a decentralized Go-Fund-Me-like program. The platform utilizes cryptocurrency to allow the Ape Gorilla community and the public to invest in individuals or businesses they believe in. Members of the Ape Gorilla Club also can take advantage of complimentary academic courses in Web 3.0 and Blockchain and access to business assistance software, networking opportunities, gamification for marketing, and invitations to annual high-profile events In addition, NFT holders can experience attractive offers for fun, like two free nights in a two-bedroom beachfront Dominican Republic condo. 

On the software development side, coming up is “Gorilla Build,” a software service that will give members the resources to create websites, sales funnels, marketing campaigns, landing pages, and appointment-booking systems. A multiplayer combat game is also in development, and a 3D-runner with play-to-earn capabilities. An upcoming MMORPG game will also serve as a virtual environment for the community to interact within (a Meta-verse utility experience).

Reaching out, the Ape Gorilla Club has partnered with the people of the Kingdom of Bhutan through the Community Based Organization (CBO) “Happy Gorilla.” The partnership is aimed to increase Bhutan’s Happiness Index, a summed measure of the country’s infrastructure and the citizens’ satisfaction. Co-founders Leona Choden Wangchuk and Dasho Leon Rabten serve the people of Bhutan as Desuup, or “Guardians of Peace,” by acting as the Kingdom of Bhutan’s “Happy Gorilla” CBO Ambassadors. Donations to the partnership will help fund youth education, development, and agriculture and create new businesses and jobs for over 200,000 Bhutanese citizens.

At the helm of the Ape Gorilla Club is founder and visionary Silvan Schwarz, who is passionate about Technology, Blockchain, and Consulting. He is into designing and building platforms and products powered by smart contracts and Web3.0, and has been a practitioner for over 13 years in the IT industry.

Frank Schwarz, the COO of A.G.C., has been an entrepreneur for over 33 years, including building and running a hotel, software programming, website designing, and now in the Crypto and NFT space. A.G.C. executive consultant David Schwarz has worked for 12 years in digital performance marketing with solid analytics and reading data suite. He has been researching and investing in the Crypto space since 2017. A.G.C. co-founder and investing networker Willie Watson, AKA Will2K, is a marketer/real estate investor new to the Web 3.0 space but eager to move in this new direction of world change.

Keep up to date with the Ape Gorilla Club by joining their official Discord server and following them on Instagram and Twitter. To learn more about getting your own Ape Gorilla NFT, visit

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