Text message scams, spam calls on the rise in Wisconsin

Cindy F. Cape

The number of phony spam/scam text messages being sent to mobile phones has exploded, with scammers texting ever-more complex cons that seek to separate you from your money.

Robokiller, a company that makes a mobile app to block spam calls and texts, says that in 2021, spam text messages surpassed spam calls by more than 15 billion, marking the second consecutive year potential scammers relied on texts more than calls to reach Americans.

In March alone, the number of spam text messages sent to Americans reached 11 billion, according to Robokiller. 

In 2021, Americans received 87.8 billion spam text messages, according to Robokiller. That was an annual increase of 58%.

It also amounts to 263 spam texts a year for every man, woman and child in the entire country.


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