This $40 Samsung dual wireless charger Prime Day deal is the perfect nightstand accessory

Cindy F. Cape

Juice up your phone and your smartwatch at the same time

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Cables are boring. Most flagship phones these days have wireless charging capabilities, but you won’t get a wireless charger in the box. In fact, as of more recently, you’re not even getting a wall adapter in the box in the first place; instead, you’re getting only a cable. As such, you also need to get a wall adapter — and if you also want to add a wireless charger to your purchase, the price can start adding up. Luckily, for today, it doesn’t need to be an outrageous amount. For Prime Day, Samsung’s awesome Duo wireless charger is 33% off, making it a must-buy for your new Android phone.


This wireless charger isn’t the very best in Samsung’s lineup, but it’s probably the sweet spot if you don’t care a lot about ultra-fast charging speeds, especially at this price. It’s a Qi-certified charger, so it’s not only compatible with Samsung phones, but all Qi-compatible devices, be it Android phones, earbuds, or even iPhones. It’s able to charge a Samsung phone at around 9W — slower than recent Samsung chargers, but still plenty quick for overnight top-ups.

What’s cool about this charger, however, is that it’s able to charge two devices at the same time. The charger features a dedicated spot to set down your Galaxy Watch and charge it right alongside your other device, with an interior magnet so it fits snugly into place. You can set down your phone or earbuds, and set down your watch right alongside it to charge both at the same time. It also has a status LED indicating if your devices are low on battery, getting there, or fully charged.

Buy the Samsung Wireless Charger Duo Pad — 33% off for Prime Day

$40 at Amazon

This charger is normally available for $60. However, for Prime Day, you can save $20 on it — around a third of its price. That’s money you can put to better use for other accessories for your brand-new Android phone.

Talking about accessories, there are plenty of discounts. If you need earbuds, the Galaxy Buds Pro are heavily discounted, and so are the Galaxy Watch4 and Watch4 Classic if you want a companion for your phone. And regarding actual smartphones, don’t worry — there are amazing deals making the rounds that you can still take advantage of. You can get yourself a Galaxy S22 Ultra or a Galaxy Z Fold3 for a notable discount right now.

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