Verizon adds spectrum for faster speeds, better performance & greater availability of 5G UW

Cindy F. Cape

NEW YORK, NY – Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband, the nation’s most reliable 5G network, just got another big boost. After recent successful trials, Verizon has started deploying with 100 MHz of C-band spectrum in many markets across the US  – a significant increase from the 60 MHz of spectrum it has deployed in 5G markets to date. Almost doubling the spectrum available for 5G Ultra Wideband turbo charges the service, offering significantly higher speeds, much greater capacity to accommodate more customers and more robust services, and allows Verizon to offer 5G Home broadband and Business Internet services to more customers. 

“This increase from using 60MHz to 100 MHz of C-band – which we will ultimately have available in many markets across the US  – allows us to support more network traffic, deliver even better performance to our customers and add new products and services on top of the mobile and fixed wireless access solutions we provide today,” said Kyle Malady, EVP and President, Global Networks and Technology.  “Reaching new levels of innovation and digital transformation in our society requires a fundamental transformation of the networks our world runs on. The continued evolution of our network is paving the way for this tremendous growth.”

In the recent trial, using 100 MHz of C-band spectrum, engineers were able to reach 1.4 Gbps peak download speeds near active cell sites and 500 Mbps further away from the towers.  This additional spectrum is being made available to customers in certain markets several months earlier than projected due to agreements with satellite providers to clear C-Band spectrum (which was originally scheduled to be cleared in December 2023).  With the start of commercial deployment with 100 MHz of C-band, customers now have access to more spectrum than ever before.  And there is still much runway ahead.  As more spectrum is cleared in the coming months and years, customers ultimately will have access to between 140-200 MHz of C Band spectrum across the nation.

This will benefit customers using their 5G cell phones, and will also make fixed broadband services available in more areas. Verizon is quickly becoming a formidable competitor to traditional home broadband service in new markets across the US.  With additional spectrum resources deployed, Verizon will continue expanding its 5G Home product, providing the speed and capacity needed to connect a family’s phones, laptops and other devices to game-changing home internet speeds and entertainment to more families across the country.

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